T.Narasipura -Silk Filature

Silk Filature refers to raw silk manufacturing unit. The unit manufactures raw silk yarn and transfer to meet the raw material
requirement of silk weaving factory in Mysore

The factory is located in T.Narasipura,Mysore District in a area of approximate 15 acres.The factory is headed by a
General Manager. The factory supplies raw silk yarn to their own silk weaving Factory located in Mysore.
Approximately 1000 Kgs.of cocoons are purchased daily from Govt. Controlled Market depending on needs and raw silk yarn
known as filatures are produced.The purchaseis done on almost daily basis as the purchased cocoon cannot be stored for
more than 2 to 3 days.


Installed Capacity : 225kgs /day
Actual production : 120 Kgs/day

The factory uses the best Technology per say in raw silk manufacturing. It follows the international silk association
standards and have the following stringent parameters for testing using standard Machineries.

    a)Renditta : This refers to amount of Kgs of cocoons required to produce 1Kg of raw Silk yarn

    b) Type of Cocoon :

           Multivoltaine Cocoon: 8 to 8.5 Renditta
           Bi-Voltaine Cocoon: 6.5 to 7 Renditta

Grade of Raw Silk Yarn

International Silk association Standards to test the following :

The silk filature plant uses modern Japanese & Korean Machineries having denier control to produce quality silk yarn.

The Unit uses two types of reeling :

           i) Automatic – Japanese Machinery
           ii) Semi-Automatic – Korean Machinery

The Cocoon purchased form Govt. controlled Market undergoes various stages of production viz; Sorting, boiling,
brushing & reeling. Silk yarn is passed thro. buttons and pulley (Croiser) to maintain tenacity and elongation and
wound on a reel. Re-reeling is done to make the silk yarn into a continuous length and convert it into hanks.
Reeled yarn is passed thro. yarn guide and made into big reel. The approximate weight of yank is 100 to 120 grams.
To maintain quality the silk yarn undergoes various process like silk skinning to remove gum spots manually.

The unit is in the process of implementing ISO 9002 standards.