Brief History

The silk weaving factory in Mysore, presently owned by KSIC, was established in the year 1912 by the Maharaja of Mysore province.
Initially the silk fabrics were manufactured & supplied to meet the requirements of the royal family and ornamental fabrics to
their armed forces.

The unit was started with 10 looms and gradually increased to 44 looms over a period. The looms and preparatory machines were imported
from Switzerland and was the first of its kind in India. After India gained Independence the Mysore state Sericulture Dept. took
control of the silk weaving factory.

In 1980 the Silk weaving factory was handed over to Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Ltd., a Govt. of Karnataka enterprise and is
popularly known as KSIC. The take over was enthused by effecting modernization & expansion assisted by the World Bank to the tune
of Rs. 27.30 crores integrated under Karnataka sericulture project.

Brief on product

KSIC is the only organization in the country commanding the entire gamut of silk production right from reeling of cocoons to the weaving
of pure silk fabric of various shades and designs, all under one roof. KSIC uses only high quality pure natural silk and 100% pure
gold zari. The zari never tarnish and will look fresh even over a long period of usage. KSIC is the only organization to give
guarantee for its zari saree in the form of embroidered code No. which is unique to each saree.